Hillary Sterling

Cayenne Case Study

Chef Hillary Sterling

Chef Hillary Sterling is the chef and developer of Cayenne, a delivery-first Nashville Hot Chicken brand developed in partnership with Mealco. Previous to Cayenne, Chef Sterling worked with renowned chefs ranging from Bobby Flay, to Joe Bastianich, and Missy Robbins.

While maintaining her role at NYC’s acclaimed Italian restaurant, Vic’s, Hillary was introduced to Mealco. Mealco and Sterling co-developed Cayenne Nashville Hot Chicken and launched the brand in November 2020. Cayenne is available on Seamless, UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

“I have loved working with Mealco. Bringing Cayenne alive together
was a seamless experience. The team behind it embraced and fell in love
with all those chilies and you can feel that every step of the way!”

After a trip to Nashville, TN, Chef Hillary Sterling fell in love with Nashville Hot
Chicken: “I craved the heat and complexity. I dreamt about how to recreate the dish,
while honoring Nashville history.
A lot of how I embrace food is to capture the flavor
and make it accessible and approachable. That is what Cayenne is all about”.
After touching back down in NYC, Mealco and Sterling spoke about how they
could bring this hot chicken concept to life in New York via delivery.
The concept was developed and launched within weeks and became
available for purchase across all major delivery platforms.

Cayenne is available on Seamless, UberEats, Postmates,
and DoorDash in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.



Fried chicken sandwich arrived hot, tasty and spicy!

Ordered: Southern Chick Sammy HOT, Cayenne Coleslaw


Luv luv luv! Sammy was deelish!

Ordered: Southern Chick Sammy MILD


Best fried chicken sandwich I’ve had in a while. Puts Popeye’s and Shake Shack to shame.

Ordered: Southern Chick Sammy THE OG

Cayenne is available in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn via delivery platforms

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